You Could Save 30%-40% on Your Monroe Kitchen Remodel by Refacing Your Current Cabinets

Transform Your Kitchen in 2-4 Days (not months)
Up to 50% Cheaper than Full Remodel
Less Demolition & Mess
Give Your Solid Cabinets a New Life

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Reuse and Reduce

Why totally waste great stuff that have been standing the test of time for years? Chances are, the old materials that are currently in your kitchen are of higher quality than a number of the newer and cheaper alternatives at Home Depot. By reusing these components that are still great, but only need a little facelift, you’re doing things that are great for your home, your checkbook along with your environment.

Prevent Unforeseen Costly Damage to Your Home

Bring in a couple of big cupboard frameworks into your home, your potential for damage to the rest of your house and property skyrockets, when you are. From entry ways and doors, to the floors, and even outdoor landscaping. By refinishing your current doors and fixtures, you could possibly prevent a great deal of additional damage, which might cause you and your house’s worth thousands.

Save Hours and Get a New Kitchen Sooner

When you get totally new cabinets and parts, you are adding weeks if not months onto the total time it takes to remodel your kitchen. From picking out your favorites, to the arrangement and shipping process, to the delivery and setup, this could make the difference between one that just drags on and on, and a project which gets done quickly.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the procedure of taking existing cabinetry frames, structures and components, and refinishing the outside appearance with paint, a brand new wood finish, handles and hardware, so everything appears brand new. It’s an effective method to get the brand new kitchen appearance without the new kitchen price tag. While it can be done yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to a professional who does it day-in and day out, and may save you a ton of cash.

How much does refacing cost?

Cupboard refinishing costs a fraction of the cost of buying new components and frameworks. Usually, you can expect to pay around 60% – 70% less than the expense of purchasing new parts, which can decrease the total value of your kitchen or bathroom remodel by 30% – 40%, depending on which options you select. This may mean saving $1,000’s in the long run. The genuine value of your endeavor will depend on depth and the size of your endeavor, however you can estimate the cost at anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 overall.

Should I take on a refinishing project DIY (do-it-yourself)?

Like the majority of things in life, you could possibly do yourself to the refinishing project, but it is best left up to professionals. Certainly you could try and figure out everything yourself there, and eventually get it to stop, in the event you had a plumbing leak in the centre of the night. But wouldn't it be simpler, faster and cheaper in the long run to simply call a professional to get it done? Our aces do this day-in and day-out, and can have your job done fast, instead of having it drawn out for weeks and months in case you need to figure out everything new.

Where should you buy refacing supplies?

Cabinet refacing supplies can be bought at hardware stores or most home. The exact supplies you will need will vary greatly depending on which style of endeavor you need to do, and some may be harder to locate in specialty stores or online outlets.

Can metal cabinets be refaced?

Yes! Metal cupboards are able to be refaced, and we can work with on you what new look / material you would like to have most.

Are you located right in the Monroe area?

Yes! We have installers located right in Monroe, which are able to service the surrounding areas around Louisiana as well. We are proud to call Monroe our home and work place, and will go the extra mile to make our neighbors happy!

Can Thermofoil cabinets be refaced?

Yes! We can and have worked with thermofoil cabinets before, and certainly will have the capacity to make them seem fantastic and new .

Can I reface laminate cabinets?

Absolutely! Laminate cabinets are a few of the more easy ones to remodel, and we can make them look totally new and innovative again.

Can I reface my cabinets twice?

Yes you can refinish your cupboards many times, after doing it a few times but like many things over time, the stuff may get a bit worn out. Two times can be readily done, but the wood, metal or other materials in your cabinet parts might need to be occasionally replaced as your attempt it more and more. Give our experts a call with your precise situation so we can determine the best course of action for you.

Can you come out to my Monroe house?

Absolutely we can! Our highly trained and proficient Monroe technicians operate out of fully outfitted vehicles, so everything can be done at your residence or office. This means you do not have to carry all of the gear, pick up supplies, or anything else. We'll come out to you personally!

Our Monroe team can help transform your old kitchen into a unique masterpiece that can substantially improve the value of your house.

Is it true that your kitchen remind you each time of the fantastic people who sold you who obviously enjoyed a color scheme that is very different than you do it?

Would you catch the D.I.Y. bug to renovate your kitchen, only to find out half way through that you’re in over your head?

We can help you brighten your aging space and reface your kitchen cabinets to improve your living space and help you feel like the kitchen represents the character you would like it to, which means you don’t have to settle for less in your Monroe home.

Bringing up your kitchen to current standards may add value to the resale value of your Monroe residence.

Realtors and architects alike concur. If you’re going to pick which renovations intend on reselling your home and ever you are going to do, then it is a safe bet to concentrate on the kitchen. When kitchens aren’t up to current standards, prospective buyers get turned off.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Remodeling 2015 Price vs. Value Report, a minor kitchen remodel can bring a 79.3% return on investment.

Staying up on current kitchen trends can make your house more popular while you update it for yourself to make it feel like home. Naturally, it is an excellent incentive additionally to increase your Monroe the value of dwelling. Realtors and remodelers say that a kitchen job will recoup around 70% of the remodeling price back to the value of the dwelling based on industry averages that are national.

Obviously, in addition they stress that you should not decide a design that’s entirely incongruous with the remainder of the house’s architectural style that it doesn’t detract.

So, what is there to lose? You really gain, both emotionally and in case you ever want to sell your Louisiana dwelling.

Quit procrastinating when it comes to matching your reality to your expectations.

You spend plenty of time there and you may find every reason to stay out of there, if it does not match your style. After you establish a set budget, then ensure you are in possession of a vision that is clear.

  • Do some homework.
  • Consider colors.
  • Consider kinds of wood.

Refacing is potential in your home if you have structurally sound cupboard boxes and they’re in good condition. If you’ve have a kitchen that suffers from water damage and now waited too long, you might discover that refacing isn’t the suitable alternative for you.

By having us reface your cabinets, we’ll correctly measure all your cupboards and ascertain the appropriate levels of stuff and hardware. We’ll prepare exteriors and the surfaces after we have gotten all of the stuff that match the approved design plans.

In a couple of days, you will have a kitchen that matches your reality to your expectations — we guarantee it!

Should you need to ensure your cabinets hold up well over the years, then give our Monroe staff a call and we’ll be happy to get you started on your own cabinet refacing.

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